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Conference themes


The main conference theme of "Catchment restoration and water protection" will revolve around the following sub-themes:


● Hydropower, river engineering and the environment

Hydraulic structures

Design, operation and inflow forecasting

Regulation of lakes and reservoirs

Environmental flow


● Climate and hydrology

Climate variability and climate change

Climate impact on river and lake dynamics and groundwater systems

Integrated management of climate impacts on hydrology

Adaptation to climate change


● Cold climate hydrology

Snow processes, observations and modeling

Frost in soils

Floods and droughts


● Groundwater systems

Groundwater contamination

Groundwater and integrated modelling

Groundwater interaction with surface water and terrestrial ecosystems


● Land-use, hydrology and water quality

Diffuse pollution and control

Nutrient and sediment retention; from the field to the sea

Constructed wetlands, buffer zones, filter media and water treatment solutions

Impacts of restoration measures on water quality and quantity


● Catchment and river restoration

Measures, demand and experience in catchment restoration

Hydrological alterations and methods of water regime restoration

Restoration of aquatic ecosystems


● Ecological and hydrological effects of catchment restoration

Interaction between hydrology and biology

Sediment dynamics and biological interactions

Habitat hydraulics

Wetlands and peatland hydrology


● Global change, water resources and ecosystems

Impacts of climate change, land-use and water extraction 

Effects of hydropower regulation

Urban hydrology and impacts


● Modelling, methods, and practices in hydrology

Tracer methods in hydrology

On-line monitoring

Data assimilation methods

Modelling, forecasts and uncertainty


● Management, decision support and knowledge uptake

Data policy and data availability

Science-policy interaction: WFD and GWD

Socio-economic impacts and decision making

Education in hydrology


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