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Post-conference Excursion August 16, 2012

Rokua Esker Aquifer and Groundwater-dependent Ecosystems


This excursion will pass through the Oulu river basin, ending at the Rokua esker, about 70 km east of Oulu. The excursion will conclude with a traditional Finnish summer evening event, with sauna and refreshments.

Rokua esker aquifer is one of the largest and most studied aquifers in Finland. This esker was formed during the last deglaciation and has the status of a Finnish national park. It has a unique landscape consisting of picturesque kettle lakes and sand dunes. It is also the first Geopark site in Finland. The esker has several clearwater lakes that are dependent on groundwater. During the excursion, hydrogeology, groundwater monitoring and recent research on surface-groundwater interactions in eskers will be introduced. In addition, issues such as the impacts of land use (i.e. forest drainage) and climate change on groundwater are being studied at Rokua and will be introduced during the excursion.


8:00 Departure at the Oulu city centre in front of City Hall
  • Arrival to Rokua tourist centre Suppa
    Introduction of the site: Rokua Geopark
    Read more at http://www.europeangeoparks.org/?page_id=564
  • Land-use characteristics in Rokua and surroundings
    Role of peatland discharge area in esker aquifer hydrology, and how the discharge area links to groundwater dependent ecosystems
    Socioeconomic studies of the area: use of multicriteria decision analysis method to support land use management
  • Lake Ahveroinen
    Surface water-groundwater interaction monitoring
  • Lunch at Hotel Rokuanhovi
21:00 Return in Oulu


Cost: 85 €; includes travel from and to Oulu, meals and refreshments. Register in connection with the registration in the conference. 


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