Short PhD Course

Model Calibration and Predictive Uncertainty Analysis using PEST

Oulu, Finland 16.8-22.8, 2012


This intensive short course will instruct participants on the automated calibration of environmental models, and on the analysis of the predictive uncertainty associated with such models.  The instructor, Dr. John Doherty, is the developer of PEST, the industry standard for model-independent, automated calibration and predictive uncertainty analysis of environmental models. 

Those across the whole spectrum of modeling experience will benefit from this course. There are many insights to be gained into the use of models, and what can be expected of models, from an understanding of the role that parameterization plays in providing integrity to model predictions, and in analyzing the extent to which those predictions may be in error. Hence managers, those who use models as a basis for environmental policy formation, as well as seasoned modelers, will all benefit from this course.

The course is being organized by the Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Laboratory of the University of Oulu in cooperation with Value Doctoral program and RYM-TO Doctoral program. 

Estimated workload of the course is up to 5 ECTS.

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